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Papa Louie


About Papa Louie

Papa Louie is a action Sport for all ages Using a cute art style Created by Matt Neff and Tony Solary out of Flipline Studio.

While working on the pizzas from the kitchen, they suddenly become pizza creatures. Right at this time, the restaurant worker runs in and inadvertently drops the pizza sticks. Light emanated in the pizza boxes and it hauled everyone to a entirely new land. Your goal now is to conquer all of the pizza creatures, turn all of them back into routine pizzas and gather them to attract them into the potential clients to complete each phase.

Bear in mind that in every stage, you’ve got 5 hit points and each time you touch a monster or get taken by a pizza creature, you will lose 1 hit point. Together with the typical creatures, you can reach them with your palms. But with pizza creatures, you need to accumulate the bombs around the street and overcome them by throwing bombs into them.