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When you start the game, you have to see an introductory video about the sport: You’d only found your dream job working for a dancing group in Whiskview Theater. When you have implemented your CV, you’re hired. Unfortunately, when you have reached your destination, then you understood that the place was shut. While you’re being gloomy, the owner of Papa’s Bakeria (situated in Whiskview Mall) told me that his shop was searching for workers. Since you’re miserable because of not having a project, you consent to the proprietor’s work invitation.

The processes in the shop are divided into 4 Major sections:

Purchase Station: Write down the client’s order on the order ticket.
Build Station: First you need to pick the base of the cake, then place in a number of seeds to the cake, and after that you need to opt for the surface of the cake. It all must stick to the client’s request. Don’t forget to time it just so that the cake will probably be yummy.
Best Station: At this point, you are going to add the toppings on the cake’s face in accordance with the client’s request.

Following the clients end eating your biscuits, you’re going to be critiqued according to the four classes above, and also the greater the score, the more tips you will receive in addition to minigame tickets that may be used to get items out of minigames like decorations to your shop, clothes for your personality… while the trick may be used to purchase equipment that will help cook quicker, shop decorations also or accessories on your own…