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When you start the game, you must see an introductory video about the game: You play the part of a singer at a music group which has a series in a faraway state but on how you lost all of the tools such as the guitar, piano, trumpet, drums… Today you’ve got to get more income so as to purchase these instruments. Due to that, you approved that the operator’s offer to work at Papa’s Cheeseria.

The processes in the shop are divided into 4 Major sections:

Purchase Station: Write down the client’s order on the order ticket.
Build Station: select the ideal kind of cheese and bread after the client’s request. Add the meat and other ingredients such as tomato and pickle slices (according to the client’s request). In the end, put in the sauce and set the two pieces of sandwich together.
Grill Station: Set the sandwich to the toaster. Don’t forget to time it just so that the sandwich is going to be yummy. Then slice the sandwich in two and place it onto the plate. You must fry the ideal sort of chips that the client wants and place it on the plate. Don’t forget to time the skillet precisely so that the chips will come out looking yummy. Lastly, scatter the cheese (the kind that the client wants) on the chips to fill out the client’s order.

Following the clients end eating your sandwiches and chips, you are going to be critiqued according to the four classes above, and also the greater the score, the more tips you will receive in addition to minigame tickets that may be used to get items out of minigames like decorations to your shop, clothes for your personality… while the trick may be used to purchase equipment to help cook quicker, shop decorations also or accessories on your own…