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Papa’s Freezeria


About Papa’s Freezeria

In this game, you play the part of a recently hired worker working at ice cream shop near a shore, and though the most important worker was active and needed to go out for a little, a tourist bus unexpectedly arrives and it is the job to serve those tourists as best possible.

The game will run you through a tutorial first for one to learn more about the vital features and data from the game.

Purchase Station: Write down the client’s order on the order ticket.
Build Station: Create the ice-cream at the proper size that the consumer ordered.
Mix Station: You want to bring the mixable items such as strawberry or biscuit, next you include some syrup such as vanilla, chocolate… after what was written back on the purchase ticket, then eventually blend the cream as equally as possible to make it as yummy as you can.
Best Station: Here you put in the toppings into the ice-cream as the client wanted.

Once you are done, the client will have the ability to appreciate your Pot and will review you according to the four criteria preceding, and also the greater the score, the more tips you will receive. Bear in mind that in the event you leave the clients waiting a long time, you will lose points.

The ideas you receive may be used to get ingredients for making Pot, update the store, and decorate the reception…daily will have you serving a particular number of consumers and if you meet all of the prerequisites for daily then you will proceed to the following moment