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In this game, you play either as a man (Taylor), a woman (Peggy) or you can make your own personality through the Produce a Custom Worker feature.

When you start the game, you must see an introductory video about the sport: your personality is eager to purchase the ticket to get a baseball game in a major arena, but sadly when your endings comes up, all of the tickets are sold out. Then you suddenly find a poster on the wall stating that they’re searching for folks to work in a Sexy Dog stall which has the best opinion in the arena. Believing that you are going to have the ability to find the baseball game, you implemented not understanding that in fact, you are going to need to take care of plenty of consumers who are looking to purchase hot dogs.

The processes from the stall are split into 4 Major sections:

Purchase Station: Write down the client’s order on the order ticket. Don’t forget to time that your grilling and also that you need to grill each side of the hot dog.
Build Station: Insert the Forms of sauce on the sexy dog. Don’t forget to select the perfect kinds of sauce which the client needs. Don’t forget to pick the best sort of beverage and the quantity of popcorn that the consumer ordered then set them on a tray and hand it to the client.

Following the clients end eating your hot dogs, then you are going to be critiqued according to the four categories above, and also the greater the score, the more tips you will receive in addition to minigame tickets that may be used to get items out of minigames like decorations to your stall, clothes for your personality… while the trick may be used to purchase equipment to help cook quicker, stall decorations also or accessories on your own…

Each day you will serve a particular number of consumers and after working out them, you will receive Points that as soon as you have sufficient will create your Rank increase. Additionally once you start a new day, you are going to serve new clients in addition to unlock fresh ingredients.