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Papa’s Pizzeria is a recreational game for all ages Using a cute art style Created by Matt Neff and Tony Solary out of Flipline Studio.

When you start the game, you have to see an introductory video about the game: You play the part of a worker in Papa’s Pizzeria. As per usual, you’re riding your bicycle into the restaurant however now once you arrive, you do not observe the owner everywhere. Looking around, you discover the operator’s note stating that he is currently on holiday and he asks that you take care of the restaurant for some time. Your job today is to finish the everyday tasks of this restaurant.

The processes from the stall are split into 4 Chief sections:

Purchase Station: Write down the client’s order on the order ticket. Don’t forget to pick the toppings which the client needs. Don’t forget to time it exactly when cooking the pizza. Bear in mind that the cuts need to be exact.

Following the clients end eating your own favorites, you are going to be critiqued according to the four classes above, and also the greater the score, the more tips you will receive in addition to minigame tickets that may be used to get items out of minigames like decorations to your restaurant, clothes for your personality… while the trick may be used to purchase equipment to help cook quicker, restaurant decorations also or accessories on your own…

Each day you will serve a particular number of consumers and after working out them, you will receive Points that as soon as you have sufficient will create your Rank increase. Additionally once you start a new day, you are going to serve new clients in addition to unlock fresh ingredients.