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Party Hard


About Party Hard

This game occurs at a nightclub full of loud music and a bunch of people dancing indoors. You play the part of a psychopath who wants to kill everybody in the nightclub. However, you can’t simply publicly kill them since when others see you doing it, they will shout and call the police to detain you instantly. Kill all of them one by one and take action where nobody could see you.

It is important to keep in mind that after murdering somebody, you are going to need to immediately leave the place because if a person call the authorities to analyze the entire body, it is possible to nevertheless be captured if you are still in the region of the offense scene.

The sport requires you to closely watch the surrounding region before attempting to kill somebody as other men and women are able to walk in at any moment so you are going to need to be swift once creating your relocation as your aims may move to somewhere else.

1 intriguing in this sport is that you can find things in the nightclub that you can “use” to indirectly kill people without being detected, so try to find them all.