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Pet Sports


About Pet Sports

Pet Sports is an aggressive sports kind sport. If you are a lover of sport, this is the game you’re searching for.

As soon as you’ve picked your pet in Pet Sports, then you are going to go in the Gym House to train. In here, you will find 3 sports to clinic: swimmingpool, drag-racing, running. All these will also be the 3 sports which you’re going to be competing in at the Arena. While coaching at the Gym House or engaging in the Arena, attempt to catch the coins along the road.

Swimming: while you are swimming, you are going to need to dive to prevent the obstacles but remember to maintain your oxygen level in check.
Drag-racing: while driving, you will need to be fast and prevent the bombs falling from the skies.

When you have reach at least level 3 in every game in the Gym House, you are able to take part in the Stadium. The contest will incorporate all 3 sports and also the person who gets the most overall points is the winner and will get money for a reward.