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About Pinata

Pinata is an easy recreational sport. In this match you click on the mouse to split the eggs or the multi-colored celebrities to acquire the bits of candy to the dogs mouth.

Every time the puppy eats a bit of candy, the amount bar increases, and also the higher the amount, the more bits of candy which will fall outside, but the eggs and the celebrities are also more difficult to break. To create breaking them simpler, the game enables you to update your unique clicks for more hits with the candy.

Pinata also has another exceptional feature because even if you are offline, the game will still play by itself as soon as you return, you will get an quantity of candies foundation on how long you’ve been offline. If you are playing Pinata and needed to stop because you are occupied with something, do not worry because this system can aid you a long time. You might even play similar games like Cookie Maze…