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Plants vs Zombies


About Plants vs Zombies

Your purpose is to conquer all of the zombies which are attempting to enter your home by putting down plants to battle against them.There are various sorts of plants in this sport(49 in total), each using a different usage: crops which take in a direct line, plants which blow up when zombies are nearby, plants that burn out an whole row of zombies, plants that temporarily stop the zombies development… Setting plants down necessitates sunlight points. These sunlight points randomly show up on the display and you must click on them to accumulate them, if not then after a brief time, the sunlight points will vanish. It is also possible to plant Sunflowers that will sometimes produce sun points that you collect. Every kind of plant every costs a certain number of sunlight points to plantlife.

The amount contains multiple dirt tiles that you plant plants down together with each tile being able to hold 1 plant. It’s possible to create combinations of the various kinds of plants in each lane to conquer the zombies quicker. Bear in mind that there are amounts which don’t have any dirt tiles, which makes it so that you either need to put lily pads or plant pots so as to put plants down in these particular spots.

Also once you reach certain degree marks, you have to play with some intriguing minigames.

At the conclusion of every level, there is a last wave so you are going to need to be careful as plenty of zombies will hurry into. Bear in mind that if a zombie is close a plant, then the zombie will attempt to consume the plant.

Experience: comprises 5 world composed of the front lawn (day/night), the garden (day/night) along with the roofing with every world having 10 degrees)
Puzzle: contains 20 puzzles.
Survival: contains 11 manners.

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