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Plumbers Creed


About Plumbers Creed

In this game, you play as a burglar and your objective is to hit all of the blocks to create the flag look then get into the flag to win against the stage.

The enemies that you encounter in Plumbers Creed are extremely diverse and have lots of distinct motions, some move fast towards you and attempts to hit you with a hammer, some may utilize bows to take you… attempt to conquer them by leaping onto their minds. This match also allows your character to leap onto walls to achieve the bigger places and hide from a hay cart…

The images and audio in Plumbers Creed can be a plus for this particular match. You will feel a sense of familiarity with the game’s sound and graphics since they are like all the favorite Mario matches. Up to the enemies being Koopas which will retract in their shells when jumped on and will come back out after some time, flag sticks which will direct you to another phase when jumped at…