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Raccoon Racing


About Raccoon Racing

Raccoon Racing is a racing game with really intriguing game play, published by Agame.com. The sport is bright colour, appropriate for all ages and you will play with it to the internet.

To begin with, you’ll be awarded one of those two personalities: “Rocko” or “Vixen”. Additionally, there are 4 additional characters from the game, and you will need to finish new missions to unlock these figures.

The sport will probably have 8 Cups, Cup 1 to 2 Cup 4 is available and Cup 5 to Cup 8 is secured, you have to finish some jobs can unlock the Cup. There’ll be three Easy-Normal – Tough manners in each cup. You may just play with Easy and after finishing Easy you’ll have the ability to play with the next manner.

The interesting point of this game is that in various Cups there’ll be different kinds of races. Cup two, Cup 4, Cup 6 will probably be racing canoes.