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Raft Wars 2


About Raft Wars 2

In the event the very first game you’re having difficulty playing then in the sequel, then there are a few interesting upgraded features. The sport today recalls the angle and force of your past shots that can help you target more precisely the second time you take. Adding to this is the new weapon which takes 3 bullets at one time together with helmets which will cut the quantity of damage that you take.

6 months afterwards, once the brothers reunite to dig up the treasure, they’ve discovered that a water park was build right where they have shook the treasure. Your task is to assist the Simon brothers defeat all of the enemies that are in the way and find the treasure back.

In this sequel, you will face off against opponents like the naughty boys, the security guards, the coaches… as well as the places that you need to go through at the water park is composed of swimming pools, skate parks…

Each time you clear a stage, you are going to get gold. In the event that you’d fired fewer shots than the minimal number required then you will get more gold and with each enemy you defeat, then you will also get gold. It follows that even if you misplaced that point, you will still get gold if you conquer the enemies.