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Raft Wars


Raft Wars Game

If you are a fan of the particular sort of shooter game then this is the sport for you. When you begin the game, you’re going to be amazed by the cartoony and kid-friendly looking artwork fashion.This game show is made up of two parts comprising the first that you’re playing at this time and also the sequel branded Raft Wars two.

The match itself is about a boy called Simon who awakened diamonds and gold on a shore and soon became wealthy, information is spread from the press and in exactly the exact same time, bad men are also seeking to steal the boy’s treasure. Your task is to assist the boy together with his brother since they fend off from the bad guys which are approaching the shore wanting to steal the treasure.

In every phase, you encounter with several distinct kinds of bad men which range from pirates, Vikings, as well as the mafias. After each phase, the enemies will soon be armed with much more progress weapons and they’ll be set in tougher to reach places.

The figures you control in addition to the poor men each have a gym. Based upon the pressure and the angle of your shot in addition to the form of bullet, the harm will fluctuate, and should the gym on each side is depleted then your personality along with the enemy will perish. If all of your characters die then you definitely lose, however if each one of the enemies expire then you will have pass the point.

Every time you pass a period, you will get credit Apart from this, you will also receive bonus points if you attain these conditions: the amount of shots fired is fewer than mandatory sum for every phase, pass the point with the smallest quantity of time taken possible. It is possible to use credits to purchase weaponry on your own like grenades, missiles or to updateyour own raft.
The Best Way To Perform

This game simply requires you to utilize the mouse.
Grenades that fall in the water won’t burst.
Utilize missiles and grenades to create greater harm.
The hippos at the center of the sea will obstruct and divert your shots.

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