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Red Ball 2


About Red Ball 2

The storyline of this game is that Red Ball (King of the Monarchy of Balls) was walking into his nation with his crown when suddenly, a strong breeze came from nowhere, shooting the Red Ball by surprise and left him missing his crown. Your goal is take good care of Red Ball as he searches for his missing crown.

There are a total of 20 degrees in this game, each having another challenge. Like the first game, your aim here is to move the red ball round treacherous terrains, challenges, barriers, traps in route and safely get to the ending flag. But there’s a single new item in this sport which is that you will find golden stars in every the degree which you need to accumulate before reaching the end of the degree to be able to pass the degree.

In Red Ball two, with every level you will also need to face off against a number of new challenges such as pushing wooden crates and utilizing them as plat type to leap on, rolling giant balls and time it just for when the bottoms get to the lever that will assist you reach higher ground…