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Red Ball 3


About Red Ball 3

The storyline of this game is that Red Ball and Pink Ball fell in love with each other making Black Ball become covetous, causing him to strike Red Ball type the trunk and kidnap Pink Ball. Your objective is to go after Dark Ball and save Pink Ball.

This sport includes a total of 20 degrees, each with its own unusual challenges. Like the first 2 matches, your aim here is to move the red ball round treacherous terrains, challenges, barriers, traps in route and safely get to the ending flag.

Nonetheless, in this game you do not need to collect all of the celebrities prior to reaching the end of the degree, though currently there are two kinds of celebrities: silver stars that give you 10 points every single accumulated and gold stars that give you 50 points every when accumulated. Obviously the celebrities are in extremely tough to reach areas but that does not mean it is not possible to receive them.

In Red Ball 3, with every level you will also need to face off against a number of new challenges such as spike ditches, rotating wheels used to move wooden boards using switches… which will ask that you time it exactly so as to utilize them to reach another place.

From time to time, little flags will appear at the amounts that behave as your save points. It can help you keep at the place that you save when you die to keep you from needing to replay from the start.