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Red Ball 4


About Red Ball 4

The storyline in this match is that Red Ball realizes that there’s a square Black Ball who’s shooting Red Ball’s taxpayers and turning them all into squares so that they’ll combine his side.

This sport includes a total of 15 degrees, each with its own unusual challenges. Like the first 3 matches, your aim here is to move the red ball round treacherous terrains, challenges, barriers, traps in route and safely get to the ending flag.

What is different in this sport is that in each degree, you’ve got 3 hit points and you are going to need to face off against black balls that are square. Should you touch them then you will lose 1 hit point and if you eliminate all of your hit points then its game over. When you start a new degree, your hit points will probably reunite.

You may conquer the square Black Balls by either jumping in their heads or by utilizing the wooden crates, boulders… to squash them.

The game also features an achievement system with 16 distinct ones for one to get.

From time to time, little flags will appear at the amounts that behave as your save points. It can help you keep at the location which you save when you die to keep you from needing to replay from the start.