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Red Ball 5


About Red Ball 5

In this area, you are going to need to conquer challenges at a jungle region filled with various kinds of creatures and creatures like stretches of street full of spikes, tree branches covered in spikes, flowers that take out projectiles, spiders, birds…

In every level, you begin with 3 hit points, even should you touch some of those enemies or cubes, you will either lose half or 1 a hit stage based upon the enemy or snare. Reduce all of your health and it’ll be game over.

If you can not beat a level, click on the Walkthrough button to determine just how beat that specific level.

Each time you finish a level, the game will provide you a specific number of stars with the maximum being 3 celebrities. Just how many stars you buy depends upon those classes:

Pick up all of the gold stars at a level and you will get 1 star.

Maintain your 3 hit points and you will get another celebrity (2,5 hit points still count).

Complete a degree in a particular quantity of time and you will obtain the third celebrity (the quantity of time varies based on the degree).

Each level also has a chest hidden in a secret place (you must locate this place yourself) and once you start the chest, you’re going to find a shiny golden headwear.

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