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Rogue Soul 2


About Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 is the sequel for this endless runner match set developed by SOULGAME rather than Doppler.

The playstyle at Rogue Soul 2 is like the initial game. However, this time round, every point will have their particular objective to finish like leaping on the mushroom, rescuing prisoners, beating enemies by employing particular skills… and if you finish those goals, you are going to get gold stars. Do not forget to pick up the cash luggage lying on the street.

Rouge Soul 2 can be harder and contains some new upgrades, for example :
A brand new loot method : 14 aims to collect.
New skins which may be purchased with gold stars.
A store where you could utilize gold coins to update your abilities, skills with a black economy place at which you could purchase more powerful weapons and gear.