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Rogue Soul


Rogue Soul Game

Rogue Soul is an unlimited runner sport developed by SOULGAME rather than Doppler. In this game, you control a rouge soul that likes to cause trouble, he stole an apple and has since been desired for 42 gold coins. Believing that he is the hottest thief in the region, he happily strolls together until he sees the following desired poster, using another thief being desired for as much as 5000 gold coins, making him angry and becomes more determined to create more trouble and transcend that worth.

The best way to perform “Rogue Soul” is quite straightforward, command the rouge soul and operate as far as possible as the bounty will grow determined by the space that the rouge soul has travelled. However, you are going to need to be careful since there are lots of obstacles in the manner that you need to get pass like treacherous terrain with obstacles you have to jumpover, walls you have to slip beneath, pits which you need to parachute throughout, guards you have to dodge then counterattack…

Rouge soul is really an wonderful game that has many unique skills like having the ability to double jump, throw knives, slip, use pieces of fabric to parachute across big pits… make decent use of these to finish the 44 assignments in “Rogue Soul”.