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Shell Shock Live


Shell Shock Live Game

With offline mode you don’t need to login into the game (play from your guest login type), however you won’t get EXP, not flat up, not conserve the stats rather than update your tank.

To be able to encourage the participant, the sport has Firing Range style, players may enter here to practice their skills.

When you enter the game, there are lots of rooms generated by the participant in the Lobby, it is possible to enter any area that you would like to combat along with different gamers. But you have to look closely at the settings of the space. It’s the exact same as when you make an area. You’ll have the ability to personalize the amount of participants, the amount of turns, and several different customizations.

When the match has begun, you and your competitor will look randomly at two places far from each other around the map. Both will take every other in turn and together with every shot hit on the opponent, you may score. Finishing the most amount of turns at a map, a person that has more things will triumph.

The intriguing part of the game is that you won’t shed HP if your opponent hits you. When the bullets struck the floor, it might create explosions and change the terrain of the region, and when struck, you may need to modify the direction of this shooter and the energy of this shooter. Along with this assortment of bullets together with the effect of every bullet type differs, this can be also quite intriguing point of the sport.