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Short Life


About Short Life

Short life is a Great Rag Doll video game With intriguing gameplay. This video game has simple images, convenient for many ages. You’re able to experience this video game in your own browser cause it’s really a flash video game.

In this video game you may get a handle on a personality. Your job would be to pass all The barriers in route and get to the destination safely. This video game features an actual element, and that means you must restrain your personality attentively.

The battle in this video game would be that the Intricate terrain and mortal traps, Such as bombs, spikes… and sometimes possibly a stairs may also hurt you. Your purpose would be always to perform levels without perishing by those barriers.

This video game features 16 degrees, each level can be challenging for you personally. In every single Degree, you’re able to accumulate to 3 golden stars. But these stars consistently can be found in places that are difficult. Moreover, be cautious with notifications such as”Jump if you ask me personally” (it really is set above the Bomb lol). If you hop about it, then you will perish immediately.

If you prefer this video game, you might even play with others games with exactly the identical video game play this as Joyful Wheels, rag-doll Achievement 2…

You’ll be able to pause/resume/restart and also turn the noise cancelling over the video game screen.
You are able to play with this video game in fullscreen mode.

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