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Slenderman vs Freddy the Fazbear


The popularity of this feared and well-known terror personality Slenderman has fallen from the gaming world as Freddy that the Fazbear appeared. Time to eliminate the cute tiny animatronic. Back in Slenderman compared to Freddy that the Fazbear, a trendy third person horror game, you need to get a grip on Slenderman to kill each of assaulting monster robots in order to discover 8 Freddy’s championships to measure him against him in a struggle to departure. Are you currently really a Freddy Fazbear buff? Subsequently act whilst the killer endure robot and detect all the pages to kill the aged faceless assassin. Look through the spooky deserted town and kill all of your enemies. Love Slenderman Compared to Freddy that the Fazbear!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, Mouse = view / attack, Shift = run, Ctrl = crouch, X = prone

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