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Speed Pool King


About Speed Pool King

Speed Pool King is a normal billiards kind sport. In this game, you are going to need to use your billiard ball to strike all of the other billiard balls to the 6 holes in the billiard table.

At “Speed Pool King”, if you hit on a billiard ball into a pit, you are going to find a specific number of points. Attempt to get all the billiard balls to the pockets as fast as possible to have the ability to get into the next round since you’ll just get 2 minutes every time you perform, and once you get to a different stand the timer will continue going and will not reset.

The intriguing issue is that if you plan your billiard ball in another billiard ball, the game will allow you to find a little the billiard balls’ trajectories following being struck, this can definitely help make it easier for you to hit another billiard balls to the holes.
The Best Way To Perform

Just click on the left mouse over the white billiard ball to trigger it
Hold the left mouse and move it up and down to target the white billiard ball leadership.
Pull and Hold on the left mouse back to correct the force which you simply hit the white billiard ball.