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Speed Racing Pro 2


About Speed Racing Pro 2

When you begin the game, you’re going to be astounded as it instantly enables you to select between 12 quickly and lavish super cars for free without needing to pay or complete missions to find some of these.

Once you decide on your super vehicle, you are going to input the circuits. The sport has 3 race modes that you select:

Time strike: During this mode, you race independently and attempt to make it to the finish line as quickly as possible because there’s a timer.
Hurry: This mode is very similar to Time Attack but today you are racing against other CPU racers. It’s possible to correct the automobiles’ course, the amount of competitions and laps in such a manner. It’s possible to correct the automobiles’ course and the amount of competitions in this manner.

The sport gives you up to 10 camera angles that’s suitable for celebrating the race track. There are a total of 6 race paths for you to select from and every track will have a number of tight turns that needs you to exactly execute if you do not wish to wind up hitting a wall and tumbling round the trail.

The sport is supported on several operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux… it is also possible to play the last installation in this racing game collection tagged Speed Running Pro or you’ll be able to play with other similar games like Stunt Cars, Mighty Motors, Sprint Club Nitro…

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