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Stick War 2


Stick War 2

In “Stick War two” you will see even more courses seem alongside the brand new mana system as some distinctive warrior courses requires mana to purchase them.

Stick War 2 today have castles round the statue, in which the participant could control each of their warriors to escape indoors whenever they are under assault. There is presently a miniature map you’ll be able to look in so that you could move your warriors into the desired position. You could also set a number of warriors together and control all of them at one time.

The phases at “Stick War two” have been improved with more enemies which are also stronger, requiring one to carefully compute and utilize appropriate approaches to conquer them.
The Best Way To Perform

Click on the course symbols onto the lower left side of this display to Purchase warriors.
Click on a individual to restrain said individual.
Hold and drag the mouse onto a group of individuals to control the stated group.