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Strike Force Heroes 2


About Strike Force Heroes 2

You’re going to be in love with all the newest changes in this movie.

Includes a save feature to store the participant’s game info.
Brand new soldiers using 5 unique classes composed of engineer, mercenary, overall, juggernaut and sniper.
Apart from the manners from the last game there is now also a custom game style.
The ability system is currently more varied with each class using 5 passive abilities and 5 killstreak abilities.
Leveling up will even unlock new helmets, armors and weapons.
Shops have particular weapons and gear.
You will find 21 brand new chords to accumulate.
Better setup with the mouse : right click to install reload, killstreak or change firearms.
User’s interface was updated to be improved and more contemporary.

Additionally, there are other games from the series that you play such as Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 3… or you might also play games that are similar like Intruder Combat Coaching, My Buddy Pedro …
Use the mouse to target. Click to take.
Utilize Q or Shift to change weapons.

Tips and Tricks

as soon as your low on health/ammo, attempt to go find health/ammo pickups to reload.
If your game is running slow, then consider lowering the images from the choice.
Celebrate the point terrain carefully to help you pick the right weapon and soldier mix.
Log in before enjoying to have the ability to save your game information so that you can return and continue playing by utilizing an account.