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Strike Of War


About Strike Of War

At “Strike Of War”, you will find almost 40 maps with various terrains and goals. Strike Of War supplies you with nearly 50 kinds of weapons and 15 distinct perks to assist you in battle. There are 5 game modes that you pick, and in every game, you may have a max of 6 players each team and you may correct the “things to acquire” to match together with your play time.

You have 5 courses to pick from comprising attack, spec ops, demolition, sniper and significant attack. Every course has its own advantages and weaknesses so that you’ll want to the course that is most suited to you. The maximum that a character could take to a game is 1 main weapon, 1 secondary weapon and two peaks. You may even pick up your enemy’s weapon whenever they are murdered. At “Strike Of War” you will find 18 accomplishments which you may get to get EXP and lift your ranking. The higher the position, the more weapons you’ll be able to unlock.