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Super Bike Racer


Super Bike Racer Game

Come to Super Bike Racer, you may feel comfortable because the images of this game is very like this racing game on NES.

And you want to unlock them from low to high. To be able to unlock different races, you have to reach a top ranking in the prior races. By way of instance, to unlock the next track you have to be at the top 5 of their very first monitor.

Throughout the race, you may use the Nitro attribute to rate up and exceed your competitor. But this attribute is only available for a little while and has a cooldown time.

Additionally, the highlight of this match is the update method to the motorbike. It’s possible to update high speed, acceleration, haul, brakes, lean rate, traction, turbo power, turbo magnet. You have to have cash to update these attributes. In any case, you could even alter the colour of your motorbike and personality, it is free of charge.