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Super Fighter’s Rampage


About Super Fighter’s Rampage

Super Fighter’s Rampage is an action game created by Eric Posas. This video game features simple gameplay, ideal for many ages, particularly those who enjoy fighting games. You can experience this video game on your browser because it’s just a flash game.

The video game has two ways that you play with: single-player and Training.

In single-player: you’ll choose one of 9 characters. Each persona has different appearance and characteristics, like a warrior with shield and sword, a ninja with a katana, a boxer, a soldier with a machine gun…

You can enter a stadium and also your task will be to destroy your competition. With various personalities, you’ll have different competencies. However, you’ll have an energy bar. Whenever you attack a competition, this energy bar will increase. When the energy bar is full you may use exceptional skills. This skill could deal a large quantity of harm to your competitor.

You might also play style training to become used to the game and master all the personalities with their unique skills.

Utilize WERASDF to fighting.
Use arrow keys to proceed.

It’s possible to play this video game in full screen mode.
You are able to pause/resume/restart and turn the noise cancelling over the game screen.