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Super Sneak


About Super Sneak

The game’s storyline is that Rusty (the character that you play as) has suggested to Sophie however Sophie temporarily decreases and offers you a listing of things that she would like you to get for her until she’ll continue with the union. These things are however extremely costly and so Rusty includes a concept and becomes a robber.

Your purpose is to assist Rusty steal all of the money in every stage without being discovered and quickly escape into a black vehicle.

The game includes a total of 20 degrees for one to conquer. In every level, you’ve got to manage cops which have flashlights in hand so try not to get noticed from the flashlights. In the event that you’re discovered, the cops will operate after you however you can run off and make the most of if the flashlight’s light is obscured to escape or you may hide in the garbage cans for pass the cops.

In every stage, there’s money sprinkled everywhere and there are also lock doors which you are able to proceed to and unlock to acquire the amount inside but it is going to take a couple of seconds to unlock a doorway. But a couple homes require tools to become in so that you’ll need to run into the shop and steal the gear until you are ready to get into the homes.

Wait till the trucks end putting all of the cash to the bank so that you may steal all of it.