About Superfighters

Superfighters is a flash activity game created by Alexander Siigur, with layout and artwork produced by Johan Hjarpe and audio produced by Hzlancer.

This game supports two players and contains 3 manners Including VS mode (free-for-all), Period style (group) and Survival style:

VS style: you can against up to 7 competitions and can pick the point which you would like to battle in.
Phase mode: You will find a total of 12 maps in this manner and you are going to need to complete all of the challenges to unlock a brand new player skin.
Survival Mode: in this manner, you are going to battle wave after wave of enemies using a time limitation, so attempt to conquer the enemies as fast as possible.

You are able to carry with you one close-range weapon, 1 gun plus one grenade at one moment.

Over the phases, there’ll be barriers like volatile crates, which makes it so that you need to be cautious once you get near them as you’re able to be burnt and eliminate health when it explodes. You might even split wooden crates, roadblock pubs… to proceed.

There’ll be arbitrary weapons lying round the point which you may grab and use from the game. Keep in mind that if using a gun, then you must aim and shoot as if not, the gun is only going to fire at a right line.