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Sushi Ninja Dash


About Sushi Ninja Dash

Sushi Ninja Dash is a action game which has quite intriguing game play and adorable graphics. The game is developed on internet flash and is acceptable for all ages, particularly kids and families.

At the game, you command the Ninja and attempt to consume all of the sushi dishes that appear randomly at the map. Every time you consume sushi, you receive 1 thing.

Interesting point from the game is that our Ninja will proceed continuously non-stop. With every mouse click, the Ninja will jump after. You should notice that in case the Ninja jumps to the walls of the match display, he’ll take that as the fulcrum and leap straight back to the other hand.

The barriers in the sport would be the darts. Avoid touching them, if you touch them you’ll game over. Through every phase, there’ll be more darts and much more difficult challenges.