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Sweet Garden


About Sweet Garden

Sweet Garden is a puzzle game using a cute-looking artwork fashion. The target is to make each of the flowers disappear by clicking them with your mouse. There are numerous flowers with various colors, the bigger the blossom the more resistance it’s.

After you click on a red blossom it burst and shoots out 4 bullets heading down, up, right and left. Keep in mind that when these bullets struck other blossoms, it is going to change their colour, weakening them and whether or not it strikes a reddish flower then blossom will even burst and take out 4 more bullets.

Sweet Garden is quite easy to play, no matter how the amounts here are not anything but easy as it takes players to compute exactly so as to beat the amount because every stage only provides you a specific number of mouse clicks, even in the event that you consumed all of the mouse clicks and you still have not made all of the flowers disappear then you will lose and need to test again.