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Swords and Souls


About Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls is a casual type game but with lots of distinctive capabilities. Your job is to conquer your opponents in the Arena, from village guards, horrible goblins to exceptionally powerful bosses.

If you’re supposed to be defeated at the Arena because you are not powerful enough, do not worry trigger in “Swords and Souls” there is a “Training” attribute which allows you train at the training area to help raise your stamina, block, precision, dodge stats along with your own skills. Try out training as far as possible and get as many perfects as possible, the training area will provide you gold celebrities in addition to lucky clovers to exchange for things which are extremely valuable in conflict.

The Shop will offer you more powerful equipment which you may purchase with coins that you purchase from beating competitions at the Arena.

Swords and Souls is truly an intriguing game for folks that are enthusiastic about beating challenges, needing to defeat all of the enemies as well as the ferocious directors, and you will find more than 30 accomplishments in the game waiting for one to get.