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Tank Trouble


About Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble can be really a tank shooter video game with simple appearing images. This game includes 3 modes which are:

1 Player compared to Laika: This mode enables you contend with a tank that is controlled by means of a dog named Laika. In spite of the fact that it’s really a CPU playing the game, Laika’s level of skill is still quite high therefore winning won’t be easy.
3 Warriors: a manner that lets 3 players compete with each other.

When battling, special ammo tiles will appear on the map that if run over enables you to that specific kind of ammo.

Remember that following the opponent’s tank has been defeated, you’ll still need to reevaluate the bullets before match finishes. If you simply conquered the competitor’s tank but right after that got struck with a bullet until the game ends afterward it’d count as a tie.

Player 1 utilize ESDF to proceed and Q to shoot.
Player 2 utilize Arrow keys to M and move to take.
Player 3 gets the mouse to proceed and use left mouse to shoot.
Attempt to catch the special ammo the moment it appears.
Recall to stop the bullets after your opponent is defeated.

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