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The Impossible Quiz


About The Impossible Quiz

In this game, you are going to need to answer amazingly hard questions which will truly challenge gamers. Each of the queries are anything but easy. Some will call for crazy logic, others will soon be completely down to imagining, but each query has its own response so even if a few questions sounds hopeless, they may be answered.

When you start, you are going to begin with 3 lives and every question has 4 replies. Response incorrect once and you will lose a life.

The game also offers a Couple of interesting features inside for example:

Skips: Once you finish a specific number of queries, you will be rewarded with a jump. Employing a jump will allow you to skip a question if you locate said query too hard, or just can not be arsed. You will find just 7 skips to be got. There are a couple questions which can not be skipped and must be done. You will need until the bomb detonates to answer the query or it will be game over. The time limitation for these questions may vary from a generous span of 10 minutes to as ridiculously brief as 1 minute. (Yes, it actually can be that brief)

Sometimes the queries you struck are so difficult that you don’t understand how to answer them, but do not worry, simply try to click on arbitrary replies to get rid of the incorrect ones and recall them so that the next time you snore, you will have the ability to decide on the right answers.