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Trollface Quest Sports


About Trollface Quest Sports

Within this region of the game you will find a total of 10 chief phases with the topic of the point about the game.

At the start of the game you’ll be shown a brief clip about the primary character sitting in the pizza store where a burglar is grabbing a pizza and kicking off the buttocks. Angry relating to this, our personality is decided to improve his health from practicing sports in exchange for revenge from the burglar.

Interesting point of the game is to maneuver every phase, you have to find a way to troll our principal character. As in phase 1, our personality is practicing biking on a desk, to be able to pass this point you want to click on to remove the 2 screws of this table outside so that the bicycle jumped through the window to land lol Each phase will have its own obstacles, and you want to pay attention to each of the episodes at the stage, since there’s just one little incident that’ll get you through the stage.