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Truck Loader 2


About Truck Loader 2

Truck Loader two is the second installment of this puzzle game set from Anton Subochev, images by Alexey Davydov and audio by Gennady Kovshenin. Inside this part, you may observe phases like the initial part, your task will still be to find the boxes and set them in the perfect place on the truck before the words “Leave the Truck” appears. However, the challenges have been increased a lot greater, you Want to pay attention to these details: Be careful with all the buttons, as they’ll sometimes knock down the large umbrella and crumple your crates. Notice that the holes with all the arrows, as when you place the bin to the hole it’ll look in the other gap with the corresponding arrow. Huge trucks are going to have the ability to look on the top floors as opposed to in the base. The terrain will probably be more difficult to go, your car will have the ability to roll down from top to bottom and accompanied by delicate crates. Attempt to keep them secure along with your magnet crane. Sometimes you need to use pieces of boxes to fill holes to make way for your vehicle. Experience to find out whether you’re able to go through 30 phases in Truck Loader 2. At the beginning of every point, the machine will count the seconds and display at the left corner of the game screen so that it is possible to be aware of how long needed to cross the point.