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Truck Loader 3


About Truck Loader 3

But, there’s been an upgrade of these challenges to make it tougher for gamers:

This segment will have phases where you must use the leap skill of the auto can conquer the challenging terrain.
Make the most of the debris from the delivery boxes to reevaluate the bureau buttons to make a pathway.
There’ll be stages in which you need to place boxes onto two trucks rather than a single.
The terrain will probably be more difficult to travel, your car might need to move very difficult on the bar blocking the street
Sometimes you only need to maintain the crate using the crane magnet only hop up to press on the button to operate the way.

The game will surprise you with the accession of a basketball minigame point, you’ll need to enlist in the specified time, utilize a basketball racket and toss them in the basket as often as you can good.

At the beginning of every point, the machine will count the moments and display from the left corner of the game screen so that it is possible to be aware of how long needed to cross the point. Based on this moment, you’ll receive stars corresponding to a max of 3 stars for every phase.