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Truck Loader


About Truck Loader

Truck Loader is a puzzle game Made by Anton Subochev, Images by Alexey Davydov and Audio by Gennady Kovshenin.

Input the game and you’ll discover your duty is to command a tiny car with a crane which attaches the magnets to place the crates in place onto the major truck before the phrases “Leave the Truck” You depart the major truck and fill out the stage. You also must use the mouse to control the crane to correctly place the crates in tough positions.

Challenges from the vehicle loader aren’t simple, first you’ll need to confront the opening of the obstacles to find the crates, be cautious to not allow the crane clamping the crane is likely to produce the crane your vehicle explodes and you fail in the point. Moreover, you’ll need to take advantage of the lift to find the boxes. Notice there’ll be brittle bins, and you ought to be very careful in moving them, should you break them you’ll fail in the point.

Box placement can be a challenge of this sport for you. You have to place the proper surface of the container in line with the arrows printed on the carton