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Vex 2


About Vex 2

Vex 2 is the sequel to the very first experience match in the series created by Beautiful Adam. In this area, you will again play with the shameful stickman because you traverse through fresh terrain and conquer new challenges which are in your manner.

The challenges here are significantly improved. Currently there are saw blades which open and shut which makes it so you need to time it just to get pass them. You’ve got to make the most of those switches that alter the environment which makes you either jump lower or higher… to maneuver the seemingly impassable obstacles.

You will find golden stars in the phases which you need to attempt to collect. Keep in mind that if you are submerged, you simply have a limited supply of oxygen and if you run out of oxygen until you resurface then you will drown.

The game was updated with 30 accomplishments for one to get.