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About Vex

Vex is an intriguing experience sport produced by Beautiful Adam. In this game, you play as a recognizable black stickman since you attempt to conquer the dangerous terrains and challenges which are in your manner.

At times you are going to need to take care of stretches of road which are full of saw blades, there are times when you’ll encounter quite deep holes which compels you to adhere to the wall so as to gradually head down, and sometimes you are going to need to time your jumps carefully to get round the moving platforms while attempting to avoid getting crushed by these… The game lets you jump fairly far and you’ll be able to jump between partitions to reach higher positions. Bear in mind that there’ll be areas which have arrows, when the arrow is pointing down then that means that once you walk pass where it is pointing, it is going to drop down and when the arrow is pointing upward then that means the place under the arrow will probably make you leap higher. And sometimes when you are underwater, attempt to prevent the underwater cameras…

This match also includes red flags in each point, walk them over to flip them into gloomy flags as people are save points which allow you to continue if you drop at the midst of a point. The sport also times you from once you start the stage so attempt to beat the point as fast as possible and property yourself using either Gold, Silver or Bronze time.

The game enables you to create your own phases however you would like to give yourself a challenge.