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Waste Invaders


About Waste Invaders

If you are a lover of shooting down enemy aircrafts and amassing power-ups in route, then this the game to you.

In “Waste Invaders”, you control a aircraft armed with progress weaponry being two laser guns firing out the front and your intention is to destroy as many enemy aircrafts as possible and get the maximum score possible. Try not to crash into the enemy aircrafts and also be aware that the enemy aircrafts may also shoot so you will need to dodge the bullets too.

When you begin playing, the game will provide you 3 resides. From the game, you will find power-ups which you are able to grab like more powerful bass, an x2 score multiplier or a defense that temporarily protects you. You could even discuss your score on Facebook and attempt to reach the top 10 high scores on the internet leaderboard.